Business Clean, Detail & Restore

Are you a small or large business, moving property? trying to improve appearances?, Selling? You may not realise but with a tailored cleaning specialist we can save you money, preventing you from having to complete costly renovations.

Deciding whether to use a professional cleaning service is difficult and many business owners just think “I’ll just clean the building myself”. Whilst that may seem to be cost effective you need to consider your main function as a business owner. General cleaning is something that can be done day to day with very little impact on productivity among your staff. But how often do you detail? Do you remove the grime from within the grout, remove soap scum build up, stains from floors and tiles? What about bathroom areas, kitchen areas and shared public areas?

Regular detailing ensures that build up does not occur and if like so many business owners you already have areas that are in serious need of detailing than the Shyn Group are here to help.

Consultation Service

Our one on one tailored cleaning service, starts with a consultation. Our cleaning specialist will first assess and evaluate the areas requiring cleaning, then test an area with our products to ensure we can get you the best possible result.

No matter how dirty, undesirable or neglected the area, the Shyn Group are always up for the challenge. Our powerful cleaning products and cleaning methods have proven effective time and time again, restoring kitchens, bathrooms and common areas to near new and presentable condition.