Commercial Property Detailing Sydney

Do you have a commercial property in state of disarray? Want to save money on costly renovations and improve appearances?

The Shyn group are specialists in commercial property cleaning and detailing services. We take filthy bathrooms, staff areas and kitchens and turn them into clean, presentable spaces that won’t cause you to cringe when you walk into them.

When most people think of commercial cleaners, they think of someone taking the rubbish out, vacuuming and wiping down surfaces. But unlike your other cleaning companies we provide a specialised tailored cleaning service that makes your property shine.

Whether your preparing your commercial property for sale or simply need to improve your presentation, then the Shyn group can help.

The Shyn Group provide one on one consultancy service, visiting your premises and inspecting everything first. Our cleaning specialist will test a small area to decide what products are going to work best on your surfaces and provide you with a comprehensive quote to restore those areas to the best possible condition.

You will be amazed with the finished results and could potentially save you thousands in unnecessary renovations and lost market value.