Ray White (Erskinville)

Our team have been working with Sam and the team at Shyn for the past 5 years and appreciate the value they have given my clients.

When a property looks like it needs work one of the first things we do is bring Sam in to identify what can be restored, cleaned or detailed.

Some of the properties Shyn have transformed for our clients have been out of this world, we had a property in Camperdown about 12 months ago which was in such a state that buyers did not even want to enter the property and was appraised at 1 million dollars and after Shyns transformation sold for 1.4 million dollars. Buyers were asking if the oven was new yet it did not even work, it is these type of examples that epitomise what the team at Shyn are all about.

We aim to save our clients time and money in unnecessary renovations which is why we truly value the team at Shyn.

We believe it’s important to have a team with the same goal in mind and that is, to achieve maximum price and get the property sold as fast as possible. This is what our team do here at Ray White Erskinville.

Shaun Stoker and Moira Verheijan


Troy HolmesBelle Property Narellan

Our motto here at Belle Property is ‘We can make any home look beautiful’ and our marketing assists us with making our owners properties stand out from the crowd. But we need a little help and that’s where Sam and her team at Shyn come in. For the past four years we’ve worked closely with Sam to assist our owners is achieving higher prices by simply making their current homes shine, with just a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of know how.

Selling homes is all about presentation and I’ve been amazed over the years what Sam and here team have been able to do with our properties. The team at Shyn have taken seemingly clean and tidy homes and turned them into polished gems, taking years of their age and looking as close to new as possible by simple cleaning homes properly.

In any market presentation counts, and as the market has returned to normal and there is a lot of competition for prospective purchasers competition is tough. By allowing Sam and her team to do their thing and transform a property we can ensure that we are making any home look beautiful, present beautiful and find emotionally connected purchasers who are willing to make a decision to purchase the home faster and for higher prices.

Spending money on a property prior to presenting it o the market is all about return on investment. On every occasion owners have quadrupled their return on investment by working with Sam and her team.  

I look forward to working with Sam and her team for years to come. It also helps that Sam is wicked awesome and such a professional person to recommend to my clients.

Troy Holmes - Principal
Belle Property Narellan 



Ray White (Woollahra)

I’ve been working with Sam and the team for the past 12 months.
In working with Sam we have needed help sometimes with very little notice and of course sam was had been there to help.
I remember I called her during a really busy day and even though her day was completely booked out she still driving hour to be at my clients property at 10pm in the evening.
This type of effort will show a person and how driven they are at providing a remarkable service.
Fantastic customer service and the transformations they achieve are unbelievable.
I would say if you’re thinking of renovating but not quite sure, or tour selling and not quite sure of what you need to do.
Take my advice and get Sam and her team out and the great thing about this is she’ll show you on the spot what can be done and what cannot be on the first introduction.

Josh Kalocsay



Troy HolmesMcLaren Real Estate

I’ve known Sam and her team for approx. 5 years now and they are always happy, cheerful, hard working and very keen to help in any way they can. 
Our team at MRE know when a property is in need of a facelift or looking a little daggy, that’s when we call on Sam and her team.
In one of our recent sales in Grasmere we had Samantha and the team come in and do a full property detail on a new home and with their help we managed to get a record price in Grasmere. 
Our motto here at McLaren Real Estate is ‘we care to prepare’ and that’s exactly what we do and this is why Sam and her team are an extension of our business, because it works!

Lincon Mclaren  - Principle of McLaren Real estate